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What was the first spirit you adopted, and what drew you to it? How did your journey begin?
In Spirit Keeping
Nov 13, 2021
I got my first two spirits within hours of hearing about spiritkeeping from a friend. She casually mentioned it in conversation and I said, "Wait. What?" She gave me a few links - CH, Bluejay, and a few others that I don't remember. I spent a while roaming the CH catalog and amazed at the selection, but not convinced it was "real" (for all I knew, it was LARPING gear or just a good story.) That was until... I hit upon the hellhound page. I was shocked and honestly, I didn't know what to think because I could feel something, as if it was ecstatic - "YOU FOUND ME!!!" I keep going back to the page and the feeling was there every time, but I still didn't get the hound at first. I still wasn't sure this feeling was about. I continued looking and decided to see who would choose me in a reverse adoption. That hellhound though...I couldn't let it go. So a little while later that night, I got it too - and got another feeling of ecstacy when I did. I also got strange urges while I waited for the vessel to arrive, like books that I ordinarily wouldn't have been interested in before - modern and Romantic Satanism, Lucifer, etc. (This is especially true considering my opinions on Satan and the like beforehand. Let's just say I was less than impressed. lol) So in true grey fashion, I ended up with a WA spirit (a gryphon) and my hellhound. lol I was ecstatic when their vessels arrived, although I will admit that I connected easier with my hellhound than my gryphon. My gryphon seemed the complete opposite of me at first - serene (most of the time,) maternal, etc. and it took time to figure out some common ground. It took a few months to hit on geocaching. A treasure hunt for a treasure loving gryphon and hellhound. lol My hellhound has proven to be as stubborn as me in some cases. There was the time she found some wandering spirits and thought I was ignoring her (I wasn't. We were two weeks into the bonding pro