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Q : Are you selling empty vessles? 

Cauldron Conjure would never engage in fraudulent practices of any type. We take our jobs very seriously. There are afterlife based groups who keep extremely accurate records of such dishonestly. We don't want that kind of heat attached to our names. The warning on the shop spirit listings are for legal/mundane world purposes only.  Take it from us , this is all very very real. 

Q : Do you work with members of the left hand path? 

A : A&E Royeaux and ( CC ) Cauldron Conjure have no problems working with members of the public. That said we have a few exceptions to this rule when it comes to Children. Put simply , our Gods / Goddesses will not enable activities that involve harming children or people based on hate or sexual exploitation. We have zero flexibltey on this and will black list you on the spirit and mundane world's occult communities.  

Q : Why do you work with or offer Black arts beings?

A : Black arts beings have their place in nature just as sharks and alligators do. If you were to remove them from the chain of nature then the entire thing beings to inpload. Both A&E Royeaux and ( CC ) agree that black arts beings will become available to those who ready at the right time. Feeling a pulls / call from our shop is just one way to make that dark connection. 


Q : Is Reiki real  / does It work? 

A : Alduin is asked this all the time. We feel that many Reiki Masters are asked question like this regardless of race and gender. Alduin was attuned by the ever popular Lisa Powers whos' Reiki lineage goes all the way back to Mikao Usui (original Reiki ancestor). You can receive this ability by being Reiki attuned today. Reiki helps the sick person's body heal itself. The Reiki master is just a conduit for Reiki energy to interface with you.

Q : Do you get paid to review Spirit keeping services? 

We have never received payment in any form from any conjure to review their services. We don't have any intention of asking for payment to do so for the foreseeable future 

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