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We conduct keynote speeches that interweave our personal story with new and creative insights to give talks people remember for the rest of their lives. We speak on three primary topics: Spirit keeping, Hauntings of human and inhuman origin and psychic self-defense.

Spirit Keeping 

The practice of spirit keeping provides near limitless benefits. In a nutshell spirit, keepers provide refuge and shelter to the spirits of deceased beings. In return, the keeper is provided with a litany of benefits for the rest of their lives.

Inhuman haunting

How to deal with Malicious beings that are simply up to no good. We cover a list of deities’ that may lend their strength to help a remove demonic presence. Negotiation tactics that we have found to be most effective at convincing a malicious being to vacate property or q human body. (exorcism) 


Human haunting

We walk you through a few of our own stories that involve basic human hauntings. We will cover methods of removal, preventive measures, and positive hauntings selected by the property owner for protection and maintenance depending on the surrounding environment of the property.

Psychic self-defense

We talk about our personal experience with Energy Vampirism and how it can affect you in your everyday life. We will teach ways to prevent such attacks on yourself and your loved ones. Lastly, we will provide detailed information regarding the fortification of one’s home, car and sleeping area for lasting protection.