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Introducing Spirit keeper's Corner

The spirit keeper's corner, is a collection of short supernatural horror stories (some erotic), following spirit keepers' frightening encounters all over the world. These stories include real accounts of haunting, poltergeists, and other supernatural events that have been passed down through generations of keepers. If you have what it takes, these tales may provide moments of terror that unsettle even the most experienced keepers and professional paranormal investigators worldwide.

What lies ahead are five spine-chilling accounts:

1) The case of the black-eyed children in Russia who were said to have been sired by the devil himself.

2) The tale of the woman in Mexico who was possessed by a malevolent spirit after she was caught trespassing on sacred ground.

3) The story of the man in the United States who woke up one night to find an entity standing over his bed, staring at him.

4) The account of the family in Europe who were terrorized by a poltergeist that caused objects to fly around their home and slamming doors.

5) The case of the Spirit Keeper in Africa who had to contend with a particularly troublesome and aggressive ghost.

If you are a pathfinder Pro or above you get access to this feature as part of your plan.

If you dare to enter the spirit keeper's corner, subscribe now for only 4.99 a month to gain access to these five spine-chilling stories with 5 more to come each month. But beware, once you expose yourself to what lives within, there is no turning back...

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