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Witchy Bitchy

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

In the topic of people wanting to be the Witch Police on things… here is my take on it. I will touch on lifestyles and the spiritual connection with your path that you’re choosing.

Let us touch on the Witches of Bitchy-Tube. I say this openly and to masculine and feminine forms. I mean y’all aren’t attacking me… well not yet anyways. However, I love it when you all give back challenging questions on topics that you find interesting. YouTube and other streaming services seem to have these harsh critics that think that their way is righteous and more knowledgeable with topics that other content creators aren’t informing the community. Hold up, they also think that eclectic Witches who aren’t the same hue as they are posers or trendy Witches, which nothing is wrong with that. Just me posting this, I feel as if the itch on my back has went away.

I have been studying western religions, Southeast Asian Shamanism (being raised), and other cultures and beliefs around the world. My husband was also a host on the Pagan Perspective (Collaborated YouTube Channel) and has given his views on different Pagan paths, how to’s, and of course his own path that intertwines with mine, and with all the research and conversations, even we get things wrong, or people misinterpret what we say. They mostly don’t say anything, however in this case our company was our backbone.

Some of you all will already know that Kaiju MGT is a management team that is based in Washington D.C, here we started as a Crisis Management firm that specializes in fixing people’s lives and businesses. It then led to the paranormal, and now we are a paranormal firm that helps people with things that they cant explain. With our company, we are very assertive when it comes to not appropriating a culture that others aren’t born into, raised, or have tides in family lines, however our team is so diverse that we tend to reference their knowledge when it comes to an investigation, spiritual practice, or just curiosity. This includes our following as well. YouTube and the Forum has gifted us with different personalities on our site, and Holy Mackerel… We are so thankful and excited that you guys are here. I get to know an extension of your life, and that is the best thing that can happen to a content creator. Papa and I are very proud of our following, and we can’t wait to see more from you all.

Leading on to the “Witch Wars” of things. People express their energies different than other people (Witches). A person can be a natural born witch, with no hereditary connections in their blood line, or perhaps they were one in a previous life. Theirs also witches who practice as they are interested and relate to wicca, witchcraft, shamanism, etc. Which is also fine. There’s also witches who love the fashion and add tiny, witchery things to their lives. Who are we to judge?

Spend a day with me dearies. You’ll see that I’m asking more question to give myself/you the best answer for questions relating to topics. My upcoming vlog will take you all into our lives, and you’ll see that we do things differently or the same as everyone else.

For the bullies on the net. If you want to enter our forum to express how you feel, feel free to post on our forum. Its free to sign up, and I would love to know your perspective on things. For the Witch groups out there, who uses rituals and roots to damage, threaten, or make people fear you/y’all, shame on you, and you don’t have to understand what others are practicing, but if I hear/know that you guys are doing DAMNING things, you will not be a part of this community. We are not here to damn and mistreat others.

Signing off, Love y’alls!

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