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What We Do

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Hey everyone. How is everyone doing today? I wanted to talk to you all about our line of work. I have received emails upon emails, phone calls to phone calls about my uprising and our crisis management team.

I'm a Public Relations Director by trade, that means I have a firm grasp with managing mishaps and chaos. When a family aproached my team to help with a case involving a child that had homocidial thoughts. I mean the kid did a 180, and the family didnt know what to do. He was a chipper, outgoing, very positive child, I know this from the familiy videos and close friends and familiy testimonials. Now, we are doing this full time.

Alduin and I decided that we just want to help people especially with what's going on in the world with social justice and religous freedoms. Our team is structured by trust and knowledge of the other side, spirtualism, occult, and business professionals contections. We all seek the same answers, and fight for the same cause, and enlightening people about a new cause such as LGBTQ+ in our field. We stand by diversity and change and for that I want to state that I am a successful Transgender Woman, and I'm proud. As a side note, LGBTQ+ people can be the most powerful in their craft when it comes to Neo Pagans, spiritualist, etc.

Still, some of you are wondering, why Luxe? What does she know about the occult or even Excorsism? Well... i grew up in them. My family has been at this practice ever since our last name was created in both lineages. The supernatural and paranormal is in my blood, and now I can enlighten all on my history.

Leading up to this blog, I will be doing daily logs of what I'm investigating, new topics that I learned, and our community. Admins will also post on the blog and replying to our fourum on Kaiju Crews page. There you can post questions that you want answers too, repies from other memebers and admins, and a potential for your questions to be answered on a video.

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