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The power behind Reiki and How to use it yourself

What is Reiki and why is it so damn popular these days?

As a Reiki Master, I am often asked what is Reiki and how can it be so powerful? Reiki healing has been gaining popularity in recent years. Why is it so popular? Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is based on the principle that the Reiki practitioner can channel energy into the client by means of touch or close proximity to activate the natural healing processes of the body and restore balance.

In this blog post, we'll look at the history and background of Reiki, which will help you understand why it's such a powerful and effective healing tool. The human body is extremely powerful. Our bodies are constantly regenerating cells that have deteriorated as a consequence of normal day-to-day life. Your skin alone is protecting you from hundreds of thousands of different pathogens a minute just by touching your device's screen and keyboard.

Your body does all of this repair and protective work with little direction or involvement from you other than feeding and cleaning it. If you are part of the few who take vitamins then you are already ahead of the game. Most people who have a working knowledge of Reiki see it as a type of prayer. Reiki is similar to prayer, however, prayer can be powered by any number of gods and goddesses. Reiki energy is Channeled into the practitioner body via their Chakra system.

How does Reiki work?

Reiki energy enters the body and instantly attempts to influence your body to achieve a natural balance at the application site. More advanced techniques approach the very brink of human understanding such as psychic surgery. I have personally conducted psychic surgery on myself and others with alarming results. Reiki energy itself is completely benevolent in nature and cannot or will not harm anyone or anything. I will share a story one day where I attempted to use Reiki as part of an exorcism but for now, understand that Reiki is not in any way an offensive weapon. Reiki healers aren't exactly healing the damage; rather, they assist the client's body in healing itself.

Is Reiki connected to Christianity in any way?

The Christian connection was first brought into existence by one of the original Usui Reiki Masters known as Hawayo Takata. She is celebrated for spreading Reiki to the western world, however, she did so by forcing a Christian connection. More on Takata below. For now, understand that she and her Teacher Doctor Chujiro Hayashi were at odds later in life because of her teachings. Reiki will perform regardless of your religious leanings if you apply your will and concentration to each and every ritual.

I would be remiss if I failed to inform you of the catholic churches Opinion of Reiki. The church doesn't approve of Reiki at the moment. In the past Catholics employed Reiki in their own hospitals to help as many people as possible.

It is said that Reiki began to compete with prayer on people's death beds, operating rooms, and Emergency rooms in a catholic hospital. A few Catholic nurses began to question the source of Reiki's power and it was all but banished as a form of official treatment at catholic hospitals.

Are there different styles of Reiki?

Reiki comes in many different flavors. You could look at Reiki as a type of defensive martial art geared at defending against disease. At the time of this writing, there are over 30 different types of Reiki. I was initiated/attuned to the oldest known variant of Reiki called THE USUI SYSTEM OF NATURAL HEALING. The different reiki styles come from different Reiki Masters that have put their unique stamp on Reiki at the time they were alive. These are the origins of individual Reiki Lines, which are known as Reiki Lineages. When you've been attuned to Reiki, a chart should be provided or shown that identifies the particular Reiki Lineage linked to you. In some respects, it resembles a family tree.

What is possible with Reiki and how does it all work?

To put it in visual terms, think of Reiki like an Olympic torch in that it can be passed from the Master to the student in much the same way. Your Chakra system is exposed to raw Reiki energy and it begins to resonate at the perfect frequency to reach out and ask for more Reiki at any moment. As living conduits, Reiki practitioners channel Reiki to people, places, and things all over the world from wherever or whenever they existed.

Yes, Reiki has the ability to travel through time as well. This is perfect if you find that you are in need of a few extra karma points for an unrelated spell more on this in the Reiki magick section. Usui Reiki comes in three different levels with level three being considered the master level.

  • Reiki Level I: Can facilitate healing of one's self and others with hand positions

  • Reiki Level II: Can facilitate healing of one's self and others with hand positions. Has access to a few specialized Reiki symbols that further enhance Reiki energy output.

  • Reiki Level III: Can perform everything from the first two levels. Access all known Reiki symbols in the Usui Reiki system. Can attune/initiate others into the Reiki family. Send Reiki energy to the past, present, and future.

What symbols are you talking about?

Reiki symbols are drawn just like DR Stranges portals. I am convinced that the concept artist may be aware of Reiki symbols while designing their unrelated movie magic. When you draw the symbols you are thought to hide them from the view of the unattuned/initiated. This is not unlike the witches' custom "To Keep Silent". Personally, I agree with this sentiment. As a shaman, I know the effect that a mundane person and their predigests can have when you are working any type of magick, let alone Reiki symbol weaving.

To them, it might be something to dread or something to mock. You don't need me to tell you that magic necessitates strong intention and will, and having your ritual mocked or laughed at might throw off the balance needed for concentration, resulting in ineffective outcomes if any at all. This is a personal choice that you will need to make on a case-by-case basis. If you are trying to help someone on their death bed then it may be worth the risk of exposing the symbols.

Reiki weaving

Each Reiki Master has his or her own style of teaching and executing Reiki. Personally, I like to think of drawing Reiki symbols as "Reiki weaving." Japanese Kuji-Kiri inspired me to use this term. You've undoubtedly seen some of these unrelated but similar methods of magick used in any TV, Anime, or Manga related media involving Shinobi/Ninja today. There are remarkable similarities between Reiki and other traditions, particularly in terms of their ascetic practices. I'm sure they must share some sort of common ancestor with the Ascetic Practices of Mountain Worship, Shamanism, Shintōism, Taoism, and Buddhism that are still employed today. Understand that Reiki practitioners are strongly encouraged to conceal the symbols from non-Reiki practitioners but it is up to you.

Who are the Originals of Usui Reiki?


Mikao Usui - Born 15 August 1865- passed 9 March 1926. He was a practitioner of an ascetic form of Mountain Worship and Buddhist. He was on a 21 day fast on Mount Kurama when he was attuned by spirit itself. He was reported to have mentioned that he was able to see Reiki symbols in plain air at the time of his attunement. Legend claims that he was able to heal injuries on his feet caused by his time on Mount Kurama simply by channeling Reiki energy via his hands.

During my time of working with Human spirits, I have found that Reiki likely existed well before Mikao Usui had his spiritual experience on Mount Kurama and was known simply as "Palm healing".

Doctor Chujiro Hayashi- Born 15 September 1880 - passed 11 May 1940. Hayashi began studying under Usui in 1925. Hayashi developed the hand positions that are introduced in Usui Reiki Level II and above. He developed the first known offshoot of Usui Reiki called “Hayashi Reiki Kenkyu-Kai.

Hawayo Takata born December 24, 1900 passed December 11, 1980. She is said to be responsible for the proliferation of Reiki to the Western World. She sought to cross Christian beliefs with those of Usui Reiki practice. It's also been suggested that she removed any ties to Buddhism in her variant of the Reiki system to make it more palatable to the people of the west. She trained under Doctor Chujiro Hayashi in 1940.


Who initiated/Attuned me and how long have I practiced?

I was Attuned by the ever-popular Lisa powers. Several years before that I received an attunement from a lesser-known teacher. As an energy worker, I have used palm healing on myself for decades before receiving any type of attunement. One of my past lives was that of a Japanese warrior. I am certain that my pre-Reiki palm healing abilities followed me into this lifetime.

What is Keeper Reiki?

Keeper Reiki is a form of Reiki that I have developed with the help of my Reiki guides and healing spirits that I bonded with via spirit keeping. You will need to be attuned to this particular type of Reiki energy to tap into it. The proverbial pilot light will need to be fed with energy on a daily basis in order for it to keep burning. Technically it will never go out completely but it may get harder to reach for this energy over time as it would with any branch of Reiki.

What is a Reiki Attunement like?

The attunement rituals of Reiki are similar to that of spirit keepers' bonding. Your body might rid itself of toxins during a purge period that lasts no more than a few days. Stick to a clean diet on the days leading up to and following your attunement, and you may mitigate the worst effects of the body purging such as cramps, loose, watery, and possibly more frequent bowel movements among others.

Is there more than one type of Attunement?

There are two types of Reiki attunements. The in-person Attunement and the distance attunement. Full disclosure, there is an opinion out there that distance attunements are not real attunements. Personally, I feel that if your teacher is good then you will receive all the benefits of an in-person attunement and then some. A person who has been attuned to Usui Reiki level III, according to I and other Reiki masters, could utilize the indicated symbol, which enables contact with past, present, and future for the attunement to succeed regardless of the actual distance between the two people.

Do you have to ask permission to send Reiki to someone?

The vast majority of Reiki masters Would almost always insist that you obtain permission before sending Reiki. I agree that getting permission is imperative to the proper flow of Reiki. As I said earlier in this article, Reiki will not allow itself to be used for negative/malicious work. In a pinch, you can meditate and ask the Reiki recipient's higher self for permission before sending Reiki. Be open to any communication before making the choice to send Reiki to the person in need. Some students have used a special Taro deck that they charged in the past with Reiki energy to divine if they should or should not send Reiki to a new recipient.

Other uses for Reiki ( Reiki Magick)

Reiki can be used to help speed up manifestations, enhance spells, Charms, Amulets, tools, and wards. If you happen to be a spirit keeper, you will be delighted to know that you can use Reiki as a type of energetic offering for your spirit family. You simply activate the flow of Reiki and set the intention for the Reiki energy to feed whenever being that you have in mind. Remember to set a strong intention to convert Reiki energy into whatever type of energy that will nourish and sustain them. Reiki can achieve a lot more than I discussed above including the highlights below.

  • Create powerful energetic barriers

  • Cleanse an area of unhealthy energy

  • Support Exorcism process

  • Break ill wishes and hexes

  • May reduce stress, fear, anger, depression among other emotions.

  • Enhance the spiritual properties of candles, rings, pendants, and other objects large and small regardless of distance (Reiki level II and above)

  • Assist with invoking, conjuring, and binding of spirit beings on all realms and planes.

  • Helps with astral travel and bilocation stability and endurance

  • speed up the healing process for humans, keep members, and pets.

In closing, I want you to know that I would love to attune you so that you can help your loved ones, spirit family, community thrive this year in all that you do. If I have already attuned you then stop reading and go help, someone right now. You have the power so, use it!

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