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Need Help Along Your Path?

Are you new to Spirit keeping? Are you thinking of learning more about alternative religions? We have developed a program that helps new and experienced Spirit Keepers get more out of spirit keeping.

The Pathfinder Program aids keepers in several key areas. We decided to build something we wish we had when we were new to Spirit Keeping. To celebrate the launch of our Spirit Keeping Podcast we have lowered the cost by 50% for a limited time.

Spiritual Life Coaching

Influential personal life coaching Developed by Elle Royeaux that will guide you in your spiritual path. We help you focus on your path no matter your chosen religion.

• Text coach -Will reply to your message in under 24 hours.

• Weekly Divination- Delivered via Email Tarot reading, scrying, pendulum work, and more.

• Lifestyle consultant -Spiritual Image Consultant, shopping recommendation, and advice for your spiritual space

• Spiritual wingman – feeling creeped out? Someone is only a text away.

This program can help you manifest a form of communication with your Keep. Our team is diverse in many pantheons, years of practicing, and hereditary influences that will help you build a deeper connection with members of your keep.

So why choose us? Other conjure sites do not provide daily one-on-one spiritual advice specifically for Spirit Keepers. When you sign up for the Pathfinder Program you are assigned a personal spiritual life coach who will work with you and your keep to help manifest your goals.

Many of our coaches have worked in the life coaching industry for nearly 11 years. The program includes even more features built from the ground up to enhance your life and those of your family. The program includes compelling technology to help you evolve.


If you are like most keepers then you may have many spirits bound to vessels such as gemstones and jewelry. Over time these vessels can become a complete headache to keep track of. In the past, a keeper would send an email to their spirit shop for help identifying who is bound to what vessel.

The shop may take weeks or months to respond. Some shops go out of business and you may never know who is bound to what in cases such as these.

We at Kaiju MGT have put a stop to that by providing a complete list off all your spirits complete with the order number, shop name, ship date, spirit name, code words, and most importantly bind type and vessel image.

You will never have to stress over who is bound to what again. We update your list for you once a month. It does not matter if you added 5 spirits or 50 spirits.

Customized Meditative Soundtracks

• Powerful audio technology developed by Papa Royeaux. These are not your mother’s meditation tracks. Our soundtracks are blasted into the 21st century by combining Binaural Beats methodology with subliminal affirmations. These are not just any subliminal affirmations they are customized by you. Once enrolled in the program, simply call our 800 number and record your affirmations.

Our engineers will insert your personalized subliminal affirmations into your customized meditative soundtrack. Other companies have charged hundreds of dollars for just one of these tracks. We will customize your track once a month while you are enrolled in the program. We offer three types of customized soundtracks.

• Meditative -Helps turbocharge spirit communication.

• Affirmations -Shape your life with the help of your keep

• Pathworking -Meet members of your keep in the upper or lower world.

Pathfinder pro

Save with Pathfinder Pro by paying for the entire year. You will receive bonus Reiki attunements and a substantial discount as our way of saying thank you.

• Usui Reiki Level I attunement (Shoden)

• Usui Reiki Level II attunement (Okuden)

• Usui Reiki Level III attunement (Shinpiden)

• Keeper Reiki attunement

Note: Attunements may cause symptoms like bonding with dark arts spirits for several days such as headaches, body aches, and irritability. This is normal and is part of your system absorbing the new energy. Toxins may be released in your stools and urine causing slight odors.

Program members have found that Reiki energy has helped them deal with a wide range of life issues for themselves and their family members.

Reiki has helped ease pain, anxiety, and fatigue. Reiki can enhance your life and the lives of those you love by inducing deep relaxation and dissolving energy blocks.

Keeper Reiki takes this to the next level by involving powerful energy worker spirits such as Angels, Djinn, and Vampires. We can only handle so many members at once so act now or miss out on this amazing deal.

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