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Keepers Kloset

To all my little Keepers, Conjurers, and newcomers… Welcome to my new segment that I’m doing called “Keepers Kloset” (with a K). I wanted to do this for a long time on this topic of fashion for our community, which I will ensure you that I will be incorporating spirituality with our clothes, accessories, and more that has to deal with fashion.

I have been tasked with the duties from my Keep bringing up different topics of protection colors, blessed or vessel items (jewelry, clothes, shoes, etc.), and yes, there is such things as blessed clothes since I’m a walking testament for it.

Here is where I will compile different look books for all genres and personalities that would best help you express your craft or your Keep, or just even everyday protection and wooing your potential lover, friend, and even your future superiors when it comes to your job.

I will also be adding that Laws of Attraction blog as well as incorporating your spiritual path into your lifestyle, but that is a future post. Bringing that up, Laws of Attraction can lead you to getting and manifesting what you want to have in life, what goals you want accomplish by the means of fashion…. Whaaaat!? Yes, you read it right. It worked for me and my success, and now I’m here to share it with you!

Trigger Warning (Disclaimer):

The things I have in my collection took me years to build up using this method. I for one am not a millionaire, nor that I strive to be (That would be great though) however with the things that I already have, I worked so hard for. Especially with this pandemic and the economy, I for one am affected by purchases, let alone buying fashion items that are high ticket prices. I used to have a blog called the Luxe Cast, but that was a time where I need to lay it to rest, and if you guys want to see these old videos, let me know it the comments below. The truth is, I love sales, discounts, coupon codes, pre-loved/consignment, and hand downs from my fabulous sister and friends. However, in rare cases will I buy luxury items, but usually when I do I have to hit a milestone (Laws of Attraction) where I can splurge on an item that I want to spend. Of course, treat yourself if you want to… I am not your parent, but keep in mind that you need to support yourself and your actions. So, if you go into debt that faults on you, not the sale associate, not your lover, not your parent or friend, but you. Here is where you’ll learn about saving as well as investment pieces and of course… debt.

As a spiritual image consultant and life coach, I have knowledge of color powers, and helping you consult with your Keep to give them a wardrobe that they can bless or attract more power. Yes, it works, and chances are you already have these items in your closet.

As a bonus to this blog, I will be doing Giveaways in selected blog post for me to give back to the community, this will usually be accessories (Handbags, jewelry, and small leather good), and all items for the giveaways will be blessed by me.

I have a rule when it come to new fashion purchases that deals with handbags. New items come in, old items that I don’t really use anymore comes out. The items that come out will be placed in the giveaway if it’s a designer bags, accessories, or barely worn items. For the giveaways that I’ll be doing that’s a new purchase will be a surprise for you all, and all new in box items will be blessed by me of course. Items that you will find on my Depop will usually be clothes that I don’t wear that are either barley worn or new with tags. Other items will be donated to charity such as Planet Aid.

During the pandemic, I understand that others are in challenging situation. For one, I’m not a millionaire, and even if I was, the pieces that I buy stands the test of time and I can use throughout the years, you’re going to see that there will be repeats on different blog post and even vlogs. The items that I purchased before the pandemic were with my own money, no sponsors, and to be honest its years of hard work (as stated before). Yes, I do splurge… if I have the funds in my Fun Money Fund, or as my family likes to shorten it “FMF”. Each paycheck I set money aside for my fashion pieces and things that I’m thriving for, which Laws of Attraction will help.

Well, that is it for today’s post. Hope your day was fun, productive, and safe! XOXO

The Countess

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