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How to care for your energy body

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

The daily drone of Society has caused many of us to become stuck in our routines. We wake up, clean ourselves eat and go to work or school. We spend a large amount of time focusing on matters at work/school that have little effect on our immediate future. Put simply work and school are full of many micro-tasks that force you to ignore the outside world for most of the day. With this in mind its no wonder that the average person has zero defenses against the perils of the unseen world. When you get hungry at school or work you break to feed and refresh your Physical body. Shortly after that, you return to the same set of micro-tasks that cause the day to slip by surprisingly fast. Once you have completed your workday you travel home among millions of your peers. Once you arrive at home you clean your body of the dirt and sweat that accumulated on your skin while you completed those micro tasks.

You will likely have another meal to replenish the energy that those micro-tasks cost you. You may make time for love ones or take part in something that helps you forget about the boring nature of today's micro tasks. The time zooms by and you must rest to have the energy to begin the entire sequence all over tomorrow. While your day may be slightly different than the one I describe, the broad strokes are very likely to line up. If you have not read this earlier article I encourage you to read it before reading further. In this article, I want to detail everything that you will need to take care of your spiritual body. Your parents or guardians are probably the first people you think of when you picture learning the in and outs of personal hygiene. For some, the school system be it private or public showed you or others the fine details of personal care.

We all know of that kid who smelled in the gym. Perhaps he/she had a gland problem or that person at work who suffered from halitosis along with the rest of the office. Who do we turn to take care of our energy body? Many people view the body as just flesh and blood. The existence of the soul is not universally accepted among today's adults because “religion” With this mindset it is easy to understand the lack of spiritual hygiene out there. Social media is filling up with "Karens" who behave poorly in public when it comes to interacting with members of the public they consider to be beneath them. How do you go from being a hard-working taxpayer to screaming at a young couple for taking to long to purchase food at a grocery store? Poor spiritual hygiene. How do two older men break into fisticuffs over a parking spot? Yeah, poor spiritual hygiene.

Why would a white store manager follow minorities around his books store? Yep, poor spiritual hygiene. You may say wait that's just racist behavior! You would be correct however the lack of spiritual hygiene is the underlying cause and the racist behavior is the mere symptom of a greater infection. Picture your skin and its attributes. This living barrier can heal it's self and allows you to feel changes in your environment. Besides your skin's complexion, it provides one more important quality. Your skin protects you from outside organisms. It is these organisms that cause a smell to build upon its surface unless you enjoy distracting your coworkers/classmates with body order. There are millions of infectious organisms that would happily cause all sorts of disease to take root inside your body. Some sicknesses are sophisticated enough to be contagious and threaten the health of those around you including your love ones.

You are made up of more than just your physical body. You have a set of three bodies, including the physical. For the scope of this post, we will concentrate on one. Like your physical body, you take this one with you everywhere you go. Have you ever had the feeling that you were being watched? What happened when you looked in the direction of the source of this feeling? Did you catch someone staring at you? How did you feel that person's eyes on you?

The aura allows you to feel the effects of the unseen world around you. Every time you get the heebie-jeebies its due to your spiritual skin warning you that something is not right. Who knows why that person picked you to stare at but if you felt it then on some level you were touched. The aura is larger than the physical body and can extend up to a few feet from your skin. The scientist has detected the aura as an electromagnetic field that surrounds the physical body. I like to think that it is the energy and heat that the body releases as part of its normal operation. Those of you who are gifted with the power of sight have likely seen auras of many people and animals. When you are sick your aura tends to drag on the ground around you as you walk with a dark or gray color. Healthy people have strong and vibrant auras. So how do you clean a body that you may not be able to see?

The aura is connected to your emotion and will grow and shrink based on your mental and physical health. Meditation is very important for mental health and is key to examining your aura if you are not able to see it with your third eye. This process is similar to self-examination of the testicles or breast for lumps and just as important if not more so. If you miss a lump it could develop into a larger problem. If you ignore your energy body for too long the issue could evolve into a full-blown possession if the environment is just right. Meditation could be as simple as taking five minutes to listen to your inner thoughts daily. The acting of slowing down and looking inside can help you find the root of any unusual emotion you may be dealing with. Covid-19 has caused much heartache among family, friends, and coworkers. Add the political disagreements to the mix and you have a cocktail for depression.

These are thoughts that should be processed as much as you can. Daily meditation can help you pick what is truly your ideas and opinions from those of your family, friends and coworkers and your favorite news station. You may be surprised to discover the types of insights that appear to you when you take the time to close your eyes and look inwards. Visualization can help raise or lower the vibration of your aura. Simply holding the color of something that makes you happy is enough to affect your aura. Many people struggle with using there imagination. Starting with a simple color is the easiest way to begin as its effects are near immediate. Once you have developed your sense of imagination you can begin to build entire worlds. For now, spend five minutes a day holding any color in your mind's eye that you find pleasant. Once you have taken the time to meditate in this way for at least a week you may begin holding white light around you to raise your vibrations for five minutes a day. The benefits of this are simply life-changing for those who had little to no interaction with there energy body.

Advanced uses of this technique include sending white light to future events such as sports, school-based exams and family and friends in need of healing energy. Some of you may be too tied up with life’s drama to conduct these cleansing exercises yourself. Perhaps you aren’t convinced that the above-described methods are effective. Either way, we can help you along your path with distance aura cleansing. In fact, the single-use offer code 1ST-TIMER will get you 50% off of all of our services across the board through October. Why not purchase the service as a gift for a loved one. Don’t miss out on this opportunity while it lasts. We have helped people cope with all sorts of negative energy including fending off malicious entity's who only see you and your love ones as nothing more than a plate of warm food.

If you have read this far and haven’t seen the companion article to this one I suggest that you click here to read it right away. It details how poor spiritual hygiene can pave the way for demonic possession, the equivalent of an infection in the physical body. Not all infections will kill you right away just as not all possessions are full-on Hollywood style encounters. Both infections and possessions occur in stages. For some, a possession may appear to be overt hate for people based on race, status, political affiliation or sexual orientation. In a future article, I will describe the power of beings constructed with no other task in mind other than to influence the way you and your family think and act around people who don’t share your ideas or culture. Make no mistake this is a low-grade possession in its own way. These things can have devastating effects on the choices your children make when they are not with you. Add temptation of drugs and sex to the mix and you can begin to paint the picture of the risks involved. Rachel Stavis the exorcist of today’s world has tackled many of these beings as highlighted in her book Sister of Darkness. Her book is a must-read for any person who call themselves spiritual.

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