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Eddy's Ouija Board (Story-time)

Good day, guys and gals I hope you are all doing well. It’s that time of year when monsters rise from the grave and demons walk our streets in search of sweet rewards. I hope that most of them are the cute kind. Are you a fan of Halloween parties? What do you do if someone pulls out the Ouija board? Most people think this divination tool is a harmless toy. This device also known as a Talking board is a powerful gateway to the unseen world. Not convinced? Today’s post is an extra special storytime edition. Eddy thought that the Ouija board was a joke just like you. Keep reading to learn how things ended for him.

“Nothing happened when Gary played with the damn thing Go on Kelly” someone pressures from the crowd that surrounds you and your girlfriend. Two other teens get up and dash away, their lips twisted into creepy smiles. They are faking the look of the possessed girl in The Exorcist movie. They had that movie on a projector for the last few hours. Kelly, you grab her arm and kiss her on the cheek and whisper in her ear. Let me take this one ok? You don’t wait for her answer and sit down quickly with another guy who looks angry. You take a deep breath and place your hands on the planchette. “Boo!” The guy make as a joke and pushed the planchette hard trying to get a reaction out of you. After a few seconds of nervous laughter, you and that jokester place your hands back. “Hey dead people, come and slap one of us or something!” Nothing happens for a few minutes. Just when you and the guy begin to get up and walk away the thing almost pulls out of your hands to the H letter. Both of you scream that the other moved it.

The room fills with many people shouting accusations that each of you moved it. One look in the guy’s face tells you everything you need to know. You both begin and the planchette pulls its way to the letter I. The guy in front of you shouts “OMG it said Hi!” You stay quiet and he quickly asks for more/ “ Hey tell me, can you spell my name?” The planchette pulls toward the Letter P then A and U and finally stops on the letter L. The Guy grows pale. You ask him is that his name? He seems stuck for a second while looking at the board. He looks up and nods slowly. Your mind beings to race. You try to come up with something to ask but your mind is a blank slate. Suddenly Paul overturns the table. “This is stupid and I know you are moving it.” Paul runs upstairs. You feel the squeeze of Kelly soft hands in your own as she whispers in your ear. “I want to go home, something feels off” You kiss her on her cheek and get up from the mess that Paul made. Ok, babe lets get out of here.

While on the way to her house you get the sense that something is watching you. Kelly stops and looks over her shoulder. You know she feels something but you take her hand in yours and pull her to keep her mind off the moving shadows around the houses that line the street. The smell of Kelly’s perfume reminds you of candy. You make a joke to cut the tension right before you turn the corner to her place. Now at her front door, she hugs you tightly and kisses you on the lips. It catches you off guard and your cheeks burn with blood signaling that you are blushing. “Ed Text me when you get home ok” You wave goodbye and try to play it cool and walk slowly until you are sure that you are out of sight of her window. You spin around to take one last look to be sure that she doesn’t see you. Something hard, heavy and very cold touches you. You spin around so hard that you sprain your neck. One hand on your injury and another set into the shape of a karate shop to defend your self from.......

The bright red and silver accents of your attacker gleam off your face with the power of the full moon. Blinking and stunned you take a breath and realize that this is just a creepy old car. It looks a lot like one in that old movie that your mother likes. Was it called Christine? Your mouth just opens and the question pours out automatically. You shake your head and remember that you were planning on running home. You take a few steps back from the 1958 Plymouth fury and break into a light jog. A dog attacks the gate just feet ahead of you causing you to increase your speed. You round the next corner, feeling good that you are putting some real distance between you and whatever was watching you and Kelly. Your watch chimes 3 AM when you come upon your parents' place. A quick search above the back door reveals the backup key and you are in the house within seconds. The house is dark and you slip through the kitchen with ease attempting to avoid your mothers' wrath. The lingering smell of dinner on the air causes your stomach to growl right when you are in the middle of the steps. You carefully step over three sleeping dogs and pass all three of your younger siblings rooms. You carefully open your room door to avoid any squeaking. While slipping past your door your shoulder catches on something and knocks a Capitan America figure off your dresser. It smashes to the hardwood floor just when your mother’s TV releases a loud explosion. She always fell asleep to the latest action movies. You wait for what seems like an eternity listening for any movement that would signal that you were caught. The sound of your heart pounding in your chest seems like a drum. “Deep breaths” you remember the sound of your high school coach. You made it, your in bed now and your mom hasn’t woken up.

You put your phone on the charger and close your eyes. Moments before you are lost to the dream world a loud knock wakes you up. Your heart thumps in your chest and the burn of adrenaline rages in your body. Something is not right. The air feels heavy and the hair on your head stands on end. You turn for a moment to switch the light on but the sound of something struggling to breathe stops you. When you turn around in bed. A tall slender man in a tattered coat stands very close to the edge of your bed. You blink hard attempting to erase whatever it is from reality like you did when you were a kid. You do it a second time, even harder. The thing doesn’t change and you jump up with your back against the headboard. “It’s not real,” you tell yourself over and over and over.

You squeeze your eyes shut for the third time and hold them shut this time. A few seconds go by that feels like forever. Your body begins to shake violently as you attempt to work up the nerve to open your eyes one last time. The smell of wet dirt fills your nostrils. The air grows very cold just when you open your eyes to find ............nothing. You are light-headed and realize that you had been holding your breath the entire time. You rub the cold sweat off your face and breath deeply trying to ease your anxiety. It is over and you survived your first encounter. You know it was real. You could feel it, hell you could taste the rot in your mouth. And then it happens. Something locks an icy grip around your leg. You turn toward your attacker but find nothing but cold open air. The smell is back and it is so strong that it chokes off the air you are attempting to scream with. You are woken from your nightmare with a clash of thunder that shakes the pictures off of your wall. The sound of breaking glass and thunder sends everyone to your room in a panic. Your mom, brothers and dogs are all staring at something just as it disappears into your wall. Their hands are covering their noes. Your leg burns and you discover a dark bruise no .... its a handprint on your leg exactly at the spot were the thing grabbed you. With the putrid sent of rotting flesh on the air, you pass out.

Eddy would go on to be touched every night until his family approached us. The unseen world is not a game and this is not charmed or some other TV show. Things can follow you home and cause some of the most unimaginable pain and suffering. If you or your family members are experiencing unwanted supernatural experiences we can help. We don’t judge you based on your story. We take every report very seriously and will do our best to rid you and your property of the unwanted activity. My wife and I have assisted many people who had nowhere to go. Churches have reached out after their methods failed. We are not Ghost hunters or Paranormal researchers or investigators. We prefer to step in once a research team or the Church has proven that the situation is not psychological. We work on donations and support from our shop. Every item that we sale is designed to prevent infestation of beings from the unseen world.

My wife and I do not recommend the use of talking boards for the non spiritual. For those of you who feel that you must use one of these boards, we have developed a course on the most effective way to interact with the Ouija Board. It can be found on Udemy. If you own one of these talking boards already, it is not too late to take advantage of the information. The information in the course will improve your experience with your board and increase the overall security in and around your home. The people that live in your home will not have to experience the suffering that Eddy and his family suffered for over 6 years before we got involved. When it comes to the unseen world. This course is a wonderful gift for people in your life who are tempted to interact with the Ouija board.

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