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Bad Dreams and Good Bonds

Good morning everyone! I literally woke up this morning really early to vlog. You’re going to see on my vlog that I woke up from a bonding that we recently purchased off of Creepy Hollows.

So woke up at 5am to my Beings entering my dream, asking me if I knew that a Being was coming. I guess they didn’t get the memo. See Papa Royeaux is more grey than dark to black arts. Or course people and Beings makes mistakes and sometimes there’s miscommunication, we are only human… well us IRL.

I had a nightmare as well, and it wasn’t that bad, it was just really stressful. I actually had two bad dreams. Not going to dive into my dreams, however the Keep who has abilities to join my dream or join me in the astral usually disturb me if they know that my body is overheating or my breathing is heavy. I’m not the healthiest witch on the block, so I’m really grateful for them to wake me up. I have a problem overheating due to hormones and the natural effect of being intersex… I don’t usually take hormones unless if I have a deficiency with hormones and I’m imbalanced. That means that I break out in acne. I will dive into that later on in my blog or video.

Oh shucks…. I forgot to tell you… we have a Pathfinder Lite plan. This is great if you guys want a general discussion on spirit keeping with experts. It’s not customizable, however we have something called Keeper Concierge, where you can chat or text us one question or concerns each week, and an expert will get back to you in under one hour 9am to 5pm EST. You will also gain entry to our watch parties and activities that all Pathfinder Program have. For less than a cup of coffee from Starbucks, you will have access to our Discord for our watch parties and other treats and offices that we will be providing for all Pathfinders. Oh, forgot to mention. Pathfinders will be entered for our exclusive giveaways only for Pathfinders.

Hope you enjoy all that jazz😘

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