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Angels and spirit keeping

What are the 72 Angels of the Shemhamephorash?

The 72 Angels of the Shemhamephorash are spiritual entities believed to be intermediaries between humans and God. They were first described in an ancient mystical practice called Kabbalah, which is still practiced today. According to the Kabbalah, each of these 72 Angels is said to be associated with a specific day, hour, and astrological sign. It is believed that they can bring guidance and protection from harm when invoked.

Benefits of Working with the 72 Angels

Working with the 72 Angels of Shemhamephorash can have many benefits. These include increased spiritual insight, clarity of thought, protection from harm, and guidance on life decisions. It is believed that these Angels can bring messages of peace, love, and harmony to those who seek them out. Additionally, it can provide a sense of comfort and belonging as you connect with the divine energies they represent. Finally, it can help to strengthen your connection with the divine and open up new pathways for spiritual growth.

How to Connect with the 72 Angels

A. Preparation

1. Clear Your Mind and Create Sacred Space

Before attempting to connect with the 72 Angels of Shemhamephorash, it is important to create a sacred space in which to meditate or pray. This can be done by setting aside a quiet place, lighting candles or incense, and playing soft music. It is also important to take some time to clear your mind of any distractions or worries so that you can focus on the connection with the Angels.

2. Make a Connection with Your Higher Power

The next step in connecting with the 72 Angels is to create a connection with your higher power. This can be done by using prayer, meditation, or visualization techniques to open yourself up to the divine energies of your higher self.

3. Affirm Your Intention to Connect with the 72 Angels

Once you have cleared your mind and connected with your higher power, it is important to set an intention to connect with the 72 Angels of Shemhamephorash. This can be done by using affirmations such as “I open myself up to the divine guidance and protection of the 72 Angels” or “I willingly accept their guidance and wisdom into my life”.

Invocation and Calling Forth the 72 Angels

1. Using a Ritual or Prayer to Call Upon the 72 Angels

There are several rituals and prayers that can be used to call upon the 72 Angels of Shemhamephorash. These involve chanting specific invocations, such as “Baruch Shem K’vod Malchuto L’olam Va’ed”, or lighting a white candle and visualizing the presence of the Angels.

2. Visualizing the Presence of the Angels

Once you have called upon them with an invocation or prayer, it is important to visualize the presence of the 72 Angels in your sacred space. This can be done by imagining a circle of light around you, and then visualizing the 72 Angels entering the circle in a clockwise direction.

3. Feel the Energy of the 72 Angels

Once you have invoked and visualized the presence of the 72 Angels in your sacred space, take some time to feel their energy. This can be done by focusing on the sensation of peace, love, and protection that they bring. It is important to take some time to appreciate the beauty and power of these special spiritual entities.

Connecting with the 72 Angels

Once you have invoked, visualized, and felt the presence of the 72 Angels in your sacred space, it is important to open yourself up for further connection and communication. This can be done by sending out thoughts and prayers of gratitude for their guidance and protection. Additionally, it is helpful to ask questions and listen for messages or signs from the Angels that may provide insight into current life situations. It is important to remember to be open-minded and patient when communicating with the 72 Angels, as their answers may not always come in the form you expect. Finally, it is important to thank them for their guidance and protection before closing your connection.

The 72 Angels of Shemhamephorash can be powerful allies in your spiritual journey. Taking the time to connect with them can open up many new pathways and provide divine guidance and protection. With a little bit of preparation and practice, you can easily create a strong connection with these special spiritual entities. I am working on a very descriptive video version of this article that will appear on the youtube channel. Feel free to take advantage of that when it lands. In short, you can connect with these angelic beings by using tarot cards. Angel spirit keepers may find that they want to join your keep!

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