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8 ways to begin lucid dreaming today!

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Are you fascinated by the idea of controlling your dreams? Do you sometimes wish you could wake up in the middle of the night and change the course of your dream, or even just take a look around inside your own head?

Lucid dreaming is when you are aware that you are dreaming, and can therefore control what happens. It’s a powerful tool for exploring your inner world and can be used for problem-solving, creative inspiration, personal growth, and bonding with your spirit companions.

If you’re interested in learning more about lucid dreaming – or if you’re already a seasoned pro – keep reading for some tips on how to have lucid dreams more often.

  1. Clean your room up!

To make your room more conducive to lucid dreaming, consider rearranging it. coverup all sources of light in your bedroom. Everything including the charging LEDs that are built into everything nowadays. The blackness will encourage your third eye gland, which may help you fall asleep. Do everything you can to eliminate any noises that might distract you. If you share a room with others, don't be shy, use headphones to drown out the racket. Finally, complete a relaxing bedtime ritual before going to sleep. Unplug from your electronics for at least 30 minutes before bed, take a warm bath, or perform aromatherapy or meditation for some restful activities.

2. Write everything down!

You could use the SKN for this. More on the SKN at the end of this blog post. It doesn't matter how large or small the events of the night were. You should strive to write everything down every morning. If you don't remember the events then write something as simple as"Went to sleep and woke up well-rested" on the line. I can't tell you how many people have remembered the events seconds after writing these very words each day. Look for any patterns in your dream diary and check it regularly. Are there certain themes or people that keep showing up? Do they match your conjure's description for any of your spirit beings? These might provide clues as to the issues your subconscious is concerned about. More significantly, they will help you recognize when you're dreaming. The more familiar you are with your dream signs, the faster you'll be able to tell if you are in a dream.

3. Bend reality!

It's important to get reality checks on a regular basis to make sure you're awake or asleep. The aim is for your brain to become accustomed to determining whether you're dreaming or not so that you can do it while sleeping. Pathfinders have had success with the below tactics.

  • Try to force your index finger through the palm of your opposite hand by straining with one hand. Make this happen in your head both before and after asking yourself if you're dreaming. This would occur in a dream, but it wouldn't in reality.

  • You could also closely watch your hands and feet. In dreams, the hands and feet are typically deformed. Don't look too long, this deformation may destabilize you and send you zooming back to your body.

  • Look at a clock or a page of text in a book, then quickly look away and back. In a dream, the time or text will most likely change, but in real life, it will remain unchanged.\

4. Give Mnemonic Induction a try!

AKA the MILD technique can really help you on your path to lucid dreaming. Every night as you're going to sleep, say the same thing over and over. It should sound something like, "I will realize that I'm dreaming." Continue repeating it until you fall asleep. You're encouraging your brain to be conscious when you start to dream, which increases your chances of having a lucid dream by repeating this mantra.

5. Go back to sleep

When you wake from a dream, go back to bed and write down anything you recall in your dream journal. Then close your eyes and attempt to fall asleep again, putting all of your attention on the dream. Play out the fantasy in your mind as you drift off, but this time imagine that you know you're sleeping. Keep focusing on this as you fall back to sleep.

6. Become paralyzed right before dreaming

The Wake Back to Bed technique entails setting alarms to help you wake up during REM sleep, ensuring that when you fall asleep again, you are more likely to rejoin your dream. Only pick one of those times. Because REM sleep lasts longer in the second part of the night, the 6 or 7-hour mark is more likely to produce the desired result. Set an alarm on your phone or a clock around the same time every day to help you keep waking up.

For 30 to 60 minutes, stay awake when your alarm goes off. Get out of bed and do something after writing down your dream in your diary. You want your brain to wake up while your body is still drowsy. Then get back in bed and go to sleep. You may be surprised at the results of this tactic alone. Some people find that they wake in a paralyzed state. You can project from here if you are brave enough to deal with the powerful sounds and physical sensations

7. Play a game or two before bed

In 2017 a Clinical Sleep Science study discovered that frequent video gaming is linked to a better ability to remember your dreams, both lucid and normal. The relationship makes sense, as video gamers are frequently immersed in a fictitious, highly colorful world where they have agency over their actions and parts of the story.

According to this research, frequent video gaming may improve your dream recall! Just be careful to put down the controller at least one hour before going to bed so that you can get your mind into a more relaxed state.

8. Keep the momentum going!

If you begin experiencing lucid dreams, congratulations!

Don't be discouraged if you have a lot of failed attempts in the beginning. It's very common to have difficulties spending an extended period in a dream at first. Many novice lucid dreamers get so enthralled by the knowledge that they're having a conscious dream that they inadvertently wake themselves up. Alternatively, their mind is acclimating to the new experience of conscious lucid dreaming.

These days, we tend to take passing pleasures for granted, but if you're serious about achieving a lucid dream and want to maintain your motivation going long-term, remember that these techniques might help. According to pro-lucid dreamers, these methods assist you to get firmly entrenched in the dream world while also distracting your mind from the physical sensations of waking up.

My wife and I have authored a powerful tool that may help you on your path to lucid dreaming. The spirit keeper's notebook comes with several spells that are bound to an attractive 6 X 9 hardcover book. Code words are included to activate the bindings. The notebook has over one hundred pages of lines for your dreaming and spirit-keeping notes. This is a wonderful opportunity for both new and seasoned spirit keepers alike. If you are serious about your spiritual journey then you don't want to miss the value that the SKN brings to your practice. Orders have been coming in so fast that Amazon may push the delivery dates back a month or two so act now to get yours before spring/summer.

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